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In honor of having so many lovely people joining me, I decided to do a giveaway. This giveaway is smaller and confined to only my main fandoms. I feel as though the quality of these items are great and each item is definitely something that I would like to buy for myself, so I hope you’re happy with the choices I made! :)

Here are the details:
  • Must be following me (since this is a giveaway for my followers!)
  • Reblog for entry, likes are fine but they do not count as entries.
  • No giveaway blogs. 
  • Must have askbox open and must be willing to give your address if you are a winner.
  • Winners will be chosen by a random generator.
  • Giveaway can be reblogged until June 1st, 2014.

Each winner gets one of the items.

The winner of the bracelet will be allowed to choose one of the bracelets and has the option of any of the dwarves or any other character bracelet from the seller’s shop!

The winner of either of the typography minimalist posters may swap out for another poster option from that seller’s store, they make them for almost every character/fandom! 

All of the items can be shipped worldwide, so no worries!

Each of the items in this giveaway are from Etsy. I will only be purchasing them, not creating them, and I am not a seller of them.

Here's a list of the items and where they can be found on Etsy:

*If any of the items sell out or become discontinued before the end date of the giveaway, I will work with the winner to find a similar item to replace it!

Good luck!



Do you still need more proof of rape culture?

As Noam Chomsky once pointed out for Z Magazine, old media types from the institutional bodies like American Enterprise Institute tend to regurgitate the same ideas with a reliability that is equally impressive and infuriating. While assuring the public that rape is a terrible crime, writers like Caroline Kitchens and Heather McDonald of right-wing think tank The Manhattan Institute try to claim that feminists have blown this whole rape culture thing way out of proportion.

Apparently, many women disagree. On Tuesday there were more than 1 million responses on the #RapeCultureIsWhen hashtag started by a frustrated Zerlina Maxwell in response to these right-wing narratives. 

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Keep speaking up!!!!!


Okay I’ll stop rage reblogging about the HIMYM finale

but seriously it is just sad the way they undermined these characters we have grown to love in service of an ending they wrote nine years ago. We get nothing of Lily’s life and advancement and her time in Rome. She is just there to have Marshall’s kids and support him as he moves forward in his career. Robin, like all good women, clearly just wanted the nice guy and the nice little life all along. Hear that guys just keep waiting and hoping and eventually she’ll change her mind and want you. Silly us to think women could be more complex than that. And Barney oh well he’s just an ass hole incapable of real growth or change. 

At least I’ll always have Frasier. 

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